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Electrical impulses are used when training using EMS (Electtro Muscle Stimulation) technology to trigger muscular contractions. You will wear an electrode-equipped EMS suit to administer these shocks to select muscles.

Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

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What is EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation)

What is EMS?

Thank you for visiting Silafit, Fairfax, Virginia’s top location for EMS training. We provide a state-of-the-art approach to exercise that uses electrical muscle stimulation to assist you in reaching your health and fitness objectives more quickly. Our highly skilled team of experts is committed to giving you a customized experience that produces outstanding outcomes.

  • Personal trainers with extensive training and certification who are driven to see you achieve
  • Customized strategy based on your requirements and goals in particular
  • Detailed evaluation to establish your starting position and monitor your development
  • Modern methods to increase the efficiency of your exercises
  • Training routines that are quick and provide amazing outcomes
  • An atmosphere that is encouraging and inspiring to keep you encouraged and engaged

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Experience the Unparalleled Silafit Experience in Fairfax, Virginia

We’re committed to giving you an incredible fitness adventure that exceeds your expectations. Our trainers are enthusiastic about assisting you in realising your maximum potential. Our unrivaled Silafit experience starts with an in-depth analysis of your fitness goals and objective. This enables us to develop an EMS training program that is completely individualized and catered to your unique requirements. We are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way while inspiring you to produce extraordinary outcomes using cutting-edge technology, creative tactics, and a friendly environment.
Everything You Need to Succeed with EMS
What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

Why Choose Silafit?

Expert Personal Trainers

Our staff comprises professional personal trainers with expertise and certification in EMS training. They will assist you at each stage of your fitness journey and ensure your exercises are safe and efficient.

Personalized Approach

We know that everyone is different and has distinct fitness needs and goals. We provide tailored training plans that are created especially for you. Our trainers will evaluate your current fitness level, discuss your objectives, and develop a personalized plan to help you get the desired outcomes.

Expert Guidance for Your Body Transformation

Meet Our Certified Professionals

Certified EMS Trainer

Kristina Dade

Certified EMS Trainer

Welcome! I’m a Certified NASM Personal Trainer and Les Mills Instructor with Over 3 Years of Experience Managing 100+ Instructors and Running Programs for 4 Northern Virginia Locations. 

Co-founder and Head EMS trainer

Dimitar Pavlov

Co-founder and Head EMS trainer

As One of Washington DC’s Top-Rated Fitness Professionals. With Over 27 Years of Athletic Experience and 17 Years of Coaching Under My Belt, I Specialize in Fat Loss, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing, MMA, and

Silafit - Certified EMS Trainer

Kristian Georgiev

Certified EMS Trainer

As a Track and Field Athlete and Football Player with 20+ Years of Experience, I’m Passionate about Helping You Get Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier.I’ve Learned Everything I Need to Help You Achieve Your Goals